How Do Americans Feel About Cars Made In America?

images-9.jpgAccording to The American Consumer Satisfaction Index, the results from its Q2 aren’t good for domestic auto manufacturers.  The people at ASCI claim that customer satisfaction is higher than ever for the whole industry, however there aren’t any American automakers that made the top four.  And the bottom three on the list are made in America.

Domestic car companies are having problems because they are lagging further behind their counterparts overseas.  This will be of no help when the Big Three lose more power with pricing.  They will have to continue their dependency on discounting and rebates, in a car market where consumers are deciding to turn to foreign cars.  People feel foreign cars are more reliable, and with the addition of an auto warranty and roadside assistance, they enjoy the peace of mind that they get with them.

The ACSI is a representation of a customer’s overall satisfaction, which includes customer service and doesn’t necessarily determine the quality of cars.  In addition, carmakers don’t have any control over a dealership’s customer service.

Posted on Thursday, November 11th, 2010 at 5:34 pm In Roadside Assistance Program