Why Do People Like Crossovers?

images-11.jpgSales of crossovers are one of the strongest segments in the auto industry.  What exactly is a crossover?  A crossover combines attributes from both SUVs and minivans with the positive characteristics we enjoy on passenger cars.

Crossovers typically have the cargo room and passenger space that you find in minivans, yet add the utility, usefulness, and even all-wheel-drive systems that you find on SUVs.  All of these attributes come with the smooth ride, easy operation and secure handling of passenger cars.  Basically, crossovers are built to be a combination of the best of all worlds.  In addition, most crossovers come with a good auto warranty that gives drivers peace of mind.

Consumers who purchase crossovers have a variety of different interests and activities that call for a flexible, practical car with varied features.  Crossover owners like to be ready for anything and everything, and they expect the same from their vehicle.

Other crossover owners are motorists who need to be able to carry more than four passengers, but they don’t want the image that goes along with the minivan, and they don’t want SUVs because of gas consumption and clumsy handling.

The crossover segment of the auto industry is becoming more and more crowded, with new vehicles coming out rapidly.  These vehicles offer consumers versatility, reliability, an auto warranty and roadside assistance.  What’s not to like?

Posted on Sunday, October 3rd, 2010 at 6:17 am In Roadside Assistance Program