Save Big On A Used Car

images-71.jpgIf you’re dreaming of purchasing a new vehicle, but can’t afford the high payment, you’re in luck.  You can switch out your car without going into debt.  To get more value for your money buy pre-owned.

The second that a new car rolls out of the dealership, it drops in price.  In fact, you will lose around 25 percent of the price of the car in the first year, and the value drops drastically as the years go by.  A rule of thumb for people to consider is that a 3 year-old vehicle is worth half of its sticker price.  So, if you’re considering a vehicle that is a 2010 for $50,000 realize a ’07 is worth $25,000.

Americans trade in their automobiles every 3 years.  Coincidentally, there is a large pool of quality pre-owned vehicles.  There is a great deal of cars with less than 30,000 miles on them that are only two years old.  They are practically new.  This, an auto warranty, and auto road service should eliminate the fear of buying used.

To get the best deal on a pre-owned car, educate yourself.  On the Internet you can find out the worth of a used car, and the cost for a dealer to buy it.  With used cars make sure you purchase used car warranties to protect your car in the event of a breakdown.

Posted on Friday, September 10th, 2010 at 4:16 pm In Road Service  

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