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SUVs Often Provide Drivers With A False Sense Of Security

Often, drivers who have a big SUV feel a false sense of security.  People feel that just because they are in a large vehicle nothing can happen to them. Yet, the truth is that SUVs are much more likely to roll in an accident than other cars.  And approximately 35% of fatalities in car accidents […]

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Stronger Vehicles Are Challenging For Rescue Workers

Automakers have been redesigning vehicles so that they are stronger than ever.  They have achieved this by using lightweight materials, allowing cars to be more fuel-efficient. This technology makes vehicles more durable, cutting down on road service calls.  Also, it is saving numerous lives. The only disadvantage to these new, stronger materials is that rescue […]

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Maintenance Tips That Will Keep You From Getting Stranded

Simple car maintenance will keep you from becoming stranded on the road. Not only is it easy to do, it will keep you from having to call your road service program. First, to help your vehicle look like new, give it a wash and wax in order to remove the grime and winter salt.  This […]

Look To The Internet For A Seized Car Auction

If you’re thinking of buying a cheap car that is older, you might want to try  This is an auction site on the Internet for cars that have been seized.  Buying a vehicle from this website can save you up to 90% off of the retail price of a car.  Here are some important […]

The Simple Way To Do Ride-Sharing

Many companies have offered ride-sharing sites on the Internet that help fill seats in people’s cars and conserve gas use and greenhouse gasses, however, has the big advantage of being affiliated with iPhone. This downloadable application lets motorists create a social network of vehicles and passengers who are traveling in the same direction.  In […]

Why Have The Number Of Fatal Car Crashes Decreased In Elderly Drivers?

In the last few years drivers over 70 years old have managed to lower the number of fatal car crashes they were occupied in.  The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety reported that there has been a 21% decline in accidents that proved fatal for this age group.  This is a complete reversal of what seemed […]

Most People Are Using Car Seats Incorrectly

Families consider the safety of their children a top priority.  Unfortunately, among children age’s 3-14, car accidents are the number one cause of death.  Parents need to take extra precautions in order to help their children stay safe.  They can do this by properly restraining children by using car seats correctly. More than 1,500 children […]

Why Are There So Many Uninsured Drivers?

As the economy declines, more motorists are trying to save money by abandoning their car insurance. According to the Insurance Research Council, the uninsured rate and the unemployment rate are directly correlated.  When unemployment increases 1%, uninsured drivers increase a half-percent.  Unemployment is up a great deal since last year. In a study that is […]

Two Laws Are Receiving Acclaim For Reducing Drunken-Driving Fatalities

Two laws that have been in place since 1988 in all 50 states are receiving new acclaim for lessening fatalities due to drunken-driving. A recent study in Accident Analysis and Prevention in July has recognized that the drinking age increase to age 21 has reduced the ratio of deaths due to drunken-driving by at least […]

Be Aware Of These Things Before Buying Tires

Most people would agree that shopping for tires is not one of the most fun things to shop for.  Basically, we would just like to find a set of tires that will fit our car and keep us from calling for road service.  Nevertheless, there are a few things that you should be aware of […]

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