Gas Saving Practices That Put You In Danger

images-7.jpgMost people realize that hypermiling is not the safest practice; in fact it leads to car accidents. However, many people still do it.  Well now, AAA is weighing in with their view on the subject.

AAA has released a very strong warning saying that practices to save gas, in which illegal driving techniques are used, are dangerous, and therefore shouldn’t be used.  They are referring to practices like drafting off of other cars by tailgating, rolling stops, and turning off the car while driving.

Other gas saving practices toe the line of acceptability.  For example, motorists who have manual transmissions sometimes cruise in neutral to conserve fuel.  This practice is fairly common, yet safety advocates express concerns about motorists not having complete control of their cars.  Also controversial is the practice of utilizing neutral with automatic transmissions, however some drivers who do this say that they can do it safely.  AAA also doesn’t bring up the fact that there are numerous local laws having to do with improper driving, like not keeping your vehicle in gear.

Although motorists are tempted to do anything possible to save money on gas, including skimping on an auto warranty, people need to realize the danger involved in illegal driving techniques.  Unfortunately, hypermiling has been known to lead to car accidents, which is why it is important to have roadside assistance. In addition, drivers should have good used car warranties to avoid unnecessary repair costs, should they arise.

Posted on Thursday, September 9th, 2010 at 5:00 pm In Roadside Assistance Program