Is A Solar-Powered Car In The Works?

images-38.jpgAccording to the Associated Press, Toyota has “secretly” started to develop a solar-powered car, even though the Japanese company has experienced its first year down after having positive growth for 70 years.

However, don’t get too excited yet.  Perhaps the story that is the biggest here is the reason that the AP wrote about a potential solar car being created by Toyota.  This isn’t any different than any other carmaker that has developed a prototype in the Research & Development department.  Toyota is known for a reputation for its green technology that is cutting edge, and it will receive key expertise when Panasonic, its battery developer, takes in solar leader Sanyo later in the year.

The technology is there to build such a car, without a doubt.  However, you have to ask, what sort of range is it going to have?  Also, is there going to be anyone that will purchase a car costing $200,000 that will need to be recharged after 35 miles?  One thing’s for sure; an auto warranty and road service would be a good idea for a car with solar technology, such as this.

In other words, can a vehicle that is solar-powered be mass-produced and actually work for people’s lifestyles?

Posted on Wednesday, July 7th, 2010 at 4:40 pm In Road Service