Rental Cars Make Great Used Vehicles

images-52.jpgMost consumers rely on major car hire companies, such as Avis for rentals on vacations or business trips.  However, people don’t realize that firms such as these are excellent sources of reasonably priced used cars.  Avis’ business is to rent cars but they also sell their cars.  Buyers can save big if they purchase a car from Avis instead of traditional dealers. This allows you to put your money towards an auto warranty that will protect your vehicle.

Avis sells cars that are more than one year old, which allows them to make way for more recent models.  This ensures that Avis’ fleet is current and well maintained.  If certain vehicle models turn out to be very popular, Avis may sell them early, after the vehicle as passed a particular level of mileage.

Another advantage of buying a used vehicle from Avis is that their cars are treated with paint that is metallic.  This is usually not the case when dealers sell used cars.  Some motorists are hesitant to buy a second-hand car from rental firms because they feel that these vehicles have endured a lot of wear and tear.  After all, the cars have been driven frequently and for long distances.  However, Avis points out that cars up for sale are younger than six months old and haven’t been driven for more than 13,000 miles.  Another bonus is that in some cases, the vehicle’s warranty is still valid.  However, it only lasts for about a year, so it is important to shop around for an auto warranty that will protect your investment for longer.  Also make sure you have an auto road service program to protect you in case of breakdowns.

Posted on Thursday, March 25th, 2010 at 5:06 pm In Road Service  

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