Hybrids Pose A Risk Because They Are Dangerously Quiet

images-13.jpgHybrids are wonderful cars.  They get good gas mileage, they help our environment, and people who own them love them.  And best of all they’re quiet. But are they too quiet?

Often you will hear salesmen tell their customers to be careful when walking out of the showroom.  Hybrids are so silent that it is virtually impossible to hear them coming.

This can be dangerous for pedestrians.  Many times people walking in a parking lot will have no idea a Hybrid is driving close to them.  This is also true of bicycles in traffic.  This means that Hybrid drivers must exercise extra caution.  Sometimes it is necessary to honk at pedestrians, however, drivers must learn how to do this politely.  Also affective, is rolling down the window with music playing, so people will know you’re coming.

The Honda Civic hybrid might be a good option.  Although it is pretty silent, you can still hear it coming since it has a gasoline powered engine.  The only problem with this car is that drivers will often grind the ignition by turning it twice.  This is because they don’t realize that the car is on.

It is ironic that quiet cars are presenting challenges.  Who would have ever thought that a lack of road noise would present a problem?  Nevertheless, Hybrids are great cars.  Motorists should protect their quiet gems with an auto warranty in case of a breakdown.  You never want to be faced with unnecessary repair costs.  In addition, roadside assistance will bring you peace of mind.

Posted on Thursday, March 11th, 2010 at 6:02 pm In Roadside Assistance Program