Do You Use An Independent Repair Shop?

images-21.jpgPeople often try to choose a repair shop that is close to their homes and that they believe to be trustworthy.  However, the time may be coming when motorists aren’t going to have the freedom to pick whichever repair shop they want.

Cars today are operated through computers, therefore to determine what repairs need to be done the computer codes are needed.  Carmakers don’t like to release these codes, which means that independent service shops may not be able to repair cars properly.  This means that motorists are being forced to take their vehicles into dealerships for repairs.  This makes having an auto warranty even more essential because dealerships usually charge more for repairs.

Congress has realized that this is a problem because independent repair shops may be put out of business.  In response to this they are trying to get the Motor Vehicle Owners Right To Repair Act passed.  This bill would make it mandatory for automakers to disclose information with independent repair shops.

Motorists need to be able to have the option of where to get their cars repaired, otherwise people may avoid having repairs done and end up calling for roadside assistance.

Posted on Saturday, March 13th, 2010 at 7:15 pm In Roadside Assistance Program