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The Purpose Of The Fuel Pump

Cars need fuel pumps because the gas tank is on the opposite side of the car than the engine.  The purpose of the fuel pump is to bring the fuel to the engine. Fuel pumps come in two varieties.  Vehicles that have electronic fuel injection systems use electrical fuel pumps.  Carbureted vehicles have mechanical fuel […]

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Ford’s Sync Entertainment System

A recent study by Ford shows that its Sync entertainment system causes drivers to be less distracted than with other entertainment systems, according to the carmaker. Ford claims that this assessment is due to the fact that voice commands are used with Sync, which causes drivers to look away from the road about two seconds […]

Fixing A Flat Is Easier Than People Think

It’s the moment that every motorists dreads, a flat tire.  You don’t know if you ran over glass or hit a nail, but you need to take action.  You may need to call for road service, and then you have to have the tire fixed or do it yourself.  Surprisingly, it isn’t that hard to […]

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Choosing The Right Roadside Assistance Program

With cars today, professional help is usually required for repairs.  A roadside assistance program brings a great deal of reassurance in case of breakdowns.  However, picking a road service program can be difficult.  Here are some things to consider when trying choosing a program that works for you. Price is a large factor to consider […]