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2010 Passenger Vehicles Will Be Equipped With Side Airbags

Almost all light trucks and passenger cars for the 2010 model year are going to be equipped with standard side airbags, thanks to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety and an agreement in 2003 that was signed by all of the main carmakers. Except for fleet sales, all cars are going to have side airbags […]

The 2010 BMW ActiveHybrid 7

After the presentation of the BMW ActiveHybrid X6 there is going to be a version of the luxury sedan 7 Series that is a hybrid.  This vehicle will go on sale in 2010 in the spring complete with a good auto warranty and roadside assistance.  Although the X6 has a full hybrid setup, there will […]

The Most Important Thing To Look At When Buying A Used Car

When buying a used car you need to do your homework.  This includes doing a thorough inspection of the vehicle, and don’t forget to look under the hood. You don’t want to end up with a car that will leave you stranded calling for road service.  Here are some things you need to be aware […]

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Problems That Teens Face On The Road

Talking on a cell phone impairs drivers to the same extent of a drunk driver with a blood alcohol level of .08.  This is one distraction that teenagers deal with while behind the wheel.  They often like to multi-task while driving, which is very risky for themselves and other people. And in modern times, teens […]

Is America Ready For Electric Cars?

A big alteration in the auto industry is on the way.  Electric cars and plug-in hybrids are coming, and we have been asking for a while.  But, is America ready? At the Institute of Transportation Studies, located within the University of California, this question has been the topic of research. What they have found is […]

Lightweight Cars Are Creating Challenges

Automakers have been redesigning vehicles so that they are stronger than ever.  They have achieved this by using lightweight materials, allowing cars to be more fuel-efficient. This technology makes vehicles more durable, cutting down on road service calls.  Also, it is saving numerous lives. The only disadvantage to these new, stronger materials is that rescue […]

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The Big Three Are Going Green

It’s apparent that the auto industry in America is becoming “greener” than ever.  Everywhere you look there are ads for fuel-cell technology, hybrids, Bio-diesel fuel, clean-diesel engines, and E-85 fuel.  These technologies have gained popularity with America’s Big Three automakers. Why?  Automakers are feeling pressure from all directions, including the White House, Congress, and also […]

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Strict Car Safety Standards In The U.S.

Why it is so hard to bring a popular vehicle in Europe to the U.S.  For example, if Ford has Many people wonder why carmakers sell different models overseas than in the U.S.  And success selling the Fiesta in Europe, which would fit the needs of Americans who are more gas conscious than ever, why […]

Don’t Make These Maintenance Mistakes

Although cars of today don’t require maintenance as regularly as the cars of the past, they still need a maintenance schedule.  This will ensure that your car has a long, healthy life span.  Consulting your owner’s manual for the service schedule that your car requires can save you from having to call your road service […]

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Prepare An Emergency Kit For Your Automobile

Modern vehicles are designed safer to survive accidents and keep passengers safe.  Virtually all automakers include emergency kits installed by the factory.  This is either due to competitive pressure or government regulations.  Most of the roadside kits include reflective markers, jumper cables, and flashlights.  These kits typically deal with mechanical and accident breakdowns. Today’s automobiles […]