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Choosing A Good Roadside Assistance Program

With modern vehicles, professional help is usually required for repairs.  A roadside assistance program brings a great deal of reassurance in case of breakdowns.  However, picking a road service program can be difficult.  Here are some things to consider when trying choosing a program that works for you. Price is a large factor to consider […]

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A Simple Way To Avoid Car Accidents

Every year there are more than 10,000 vehicle accidents in the nation and approximately 450 people die as a result of the collision.  Many of these accidents can be avoided by having routine maintenance performed on your car. The vehicle is by far the most popular means of transportation in the U.S.  In fact, 91% […]

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Road Rage Is A Cultural Phemonenon

We’ve all been there.  You encounter another driver who loses his temper and elicits road rage directed at you.  And the result is that you yourself become enraged.  Road rage has become a sort of cultural phenomenon that occurs all over the nation. Sometimes road rage even results in accidents that require roadside assistance. People […]

How Can You Avoid Getting A Dead Battery?

One of the worst things that can happen to a motorist is getting into your car just to find that you have a dead battery.  At this moment people realize the importance of a good road service program, however, some motorists may not be covered by this.  But, the best thing to do is detect […]

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Smart Cars Are Surprisingly Safe

Smart cars are becoming more and more popular because of the downsizing trend.  But many consumers have reservations about the safety of this car because of its 8 feet long, 5 feet tall dimensions.  So how does the Smart car measure up in safety? According to crash tests conducted by the Insurance Institute for Highway […]

Is The Price Of Your Car Insurance Reasonable?

The National Association of Insurance Commissioners recently performed a study to determine what the best and worst states are in the country for auto insurance.  According to the study, you are paying the highest insurance premiums if you live in the Northeast. New Jersey proved to be the most expensive state.  On average, premiums in […]

Will A Fancy Paint Job Increase Your Car’s Resale Value?

If you are shopping for vehicles, you may realize that some cars cost more because of the paint job.  Paint can add an extra expense of up to $1,000.  This can feel like a big expense after factoring in other vehicle expenses, such as maintenance and roadside assistance.  It’s difficult for people to believe that […]

Is Your Mechanic Ripping You Off?

Unless you are actually a mechanic yourself, it may require a leap of faith to deal with a repair shop.  However, paying attention to your mechanic’s actions can give you clues to their honesty.  Here are some things to look out for. If your mechanic says you need to flush your engine right away, or […]

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Honda’s New Safety Features

Honda is known for its safety, and is trying to keep its reputation by developing an airbag that is new and improved.  The airbag will provide drivers with additional safety in the event of an accident. The key components to Honda’s i-SRS airbag are a gas release control valve that allows the airbag to be […]

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BMW Owners Can Google Any Time

Motorists who own a 2009 BMW in the U.S. are going to be able to access in-car Google, which is already available in Europe.  This service will provide integrated Google maps that will allow the driver or passengers to search for movie theaters, restaurants, and other businesses.  Of course, the thought of this kind of […]