BMW Plans To Focus On Profit, Not Brand Identity

images-90.jpgAccording to the BMW Blog, the CS Concept that was unveiled at the New York auto show this past spring isn’t going to ever see the light of day in production.  Due to the current problems with the financial market, BMW brass had a change of mind about the possibility of a $100,000-plus-range car.

For car fans this is bad news, but most people buying cars won’t care.  But it is worrisome to car aficionados is the fact that BMW claimed in its cancellation announcement that it’s focusing on profit right now, and not brand identity.  That means that consumers can expect to see more cars like the X1 SUV and not as many statement vehicles.  The company is also claiming that it will be focusing on new technology, which probably means it will be working on engines that are more efficient and refining its iDrive system.

Although many drivers don’t have the funds to purchase a car like the CS Concept, it is sad to see that it won’t make it to production.  However, most people are choosing not to purchase new vehicles right now and instead hold onto their current cars and buy used car warranties and auto road service plans.

Posted on Friday, July 31st, 2009 at 6:15 pm In Road Service  

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