Acura Expands Its Services

images-64.jpgWhen your car needs basic services, such as an oil change, where do you take it?  Chances are you will go to a quick lube business, not your dealer.

However, Acura is striving to get back the quick-lube consumers by creating its Accelerate service program for Acura owners.  The concept is for Acura dealership service departments to start offering affordable, quick services that bring car owners back to the dealership.

Services will include tire rotation, an oil change, brake-pad checks, tread checks, air monitoring, a car wash and a vacuum for $38.95, and the whole thing will be completed in less than 47 minutes.

Acura says that more than half of the profits of a dealership come from service and parts, so it is smart to give car owners a reason to come to the dealer instead of the quick lube service joint.  This program will begin with select dealerships in Boston, Chicago, Atlanta, Dallas, Philadelphia and Los Angeles, but will be in all Acura dealerships by 2011.  Maybe this will encourage Acura owners to have their cars serviced more often and help them avoid roadside assistance calls.

Posted on Thursday, July 23rd, 2009 at 7:22 pm In Roadside Assistance Program