Many Drivers Are Opting To Purchase Pre-Owned Cars

images-45.jpgMany motorists are leaving their SUVs at home in the garage and purchasing cars that are fuel-efficient from the 80s or 90s.  Also, consumers are protecting themselves with a road service program.

Pulling out of the lot used to mean a big money loss, but now, motorists are buying used vehicles intentionally.  They’re trying to find older models that have already depreciated, to avoid paying a lot upfront and save them money on gas.

Honda Civics and Accords, as well as Toyota Corollas are flying off of the lot.  In fact, some consumers are even facing an eight-week waiting period for a pre-owned Civic, and eight months for a new model.

Consumers are changing what they want.  Instead of finding the best financing on a trendy 2009 car, motorists are paying cash for a vehicle over five years old.

This trend makes sense because drivers will get the same mpg on a used car, as they will on a $20,000 hybrid.  However, with used models drivers should have a roadside assistance program just in case of breakdowns.