How To Protect Yourself In Rush Hour Traffic

images-10.jpgAccording to research, more commuters than ever are experiencing rush hour breakdowns.  These breakdowns occur between 7-9 am and are leaving employees and carpool moms stranded.  Motorists should have a roadside assistance program to protect themselves in this case.

Breakdowns leave drivers stranded and expose them to road dangers.  In a recent survey of motorists who have had a breakdown in the last two years, 15% had children in the car, 20% were in a situation that they felt wasn’t safe to leave their car, and 5% had a passenger who was elderly.  Also, 30% of the women surveyed felt stressed about finding help.

The survey also revealed that there are five main locations for vehicles to breakdown.  The first location is at home.  This means that drivers aren’t even getting out of their driveways.  The second and third locations are on the way to work, and when going to visit family and friends.  The fourth typical breakdown spot is at shops, and work comes in fifth.

To avoid dangerous breakdown situations, make sure you have a roadside assistance program.  Road service will keep you from waiting a long time.  Also, emergency roadside assistance will allow you to get back on the road faster.