A New Way To Know When To Change Your Car Battery

images-13.jpgIt is an awful feeling when you go to start your car in the morning, just to discover that your battery is weak.  Luckily, many people have a road service program that can help them in this situation, but unfortunately, others don’t.  If a car isn’t getting sufficient power, it won’t start, however, help is now here.  The Intelligent Battery Sensor by Continental will warn you if your battery is running down due to age.  To do this, it determines your battery’s charge status.

Approximately one-third of car breakdowns are because of empty batteries.  The reason for this is that vehicle batteries today have to do more work than in years past.  For example, car electronics have taken on a huge responsibility.  They help passengers remain safe, orient the driver in traffic, and allow passengers more comfort.  Batteries are required to supply all of this power.  This is one reason that The Electronic Battery Sensor is beneficial.

The new battery sensor may be small, but it is a great technological advancement.  It gives drivers a good indication of when it is time to change their batteries.  This will cut down on breakdowns and stranded vehicles.  However, it is a good idea to have emergency auto assistance in case of unforeseen circumstances.

Posted on Saturday, January 10th, 2009 at 2:15 pm In Road Service  

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