Could Hybrids Pose A Risk For Firefighters?

images-4.jpgUpon arrival of an accident scene, firefighters may not realize the high-voltage electrical system in a Toyota hybrid is on because of the silence of the electric motor.

According to Toyota regional service training specialist John Durso, people wouldn’t realize that a car is a hybrid unless they were told.  Many people would just assume that the vehicle was stopped.

For firefighters or a road service crew who are responding to an accident involving a gas-electric hybrid, high voltage is a complication.  This poses a risk of injuries or even death to emergency workers.

Because more and more electric-gas hybrids are being sold, firefighters are trying to learn the emergency response techniques that will keep them safe dealing with this new technology.  Classes at the Connecticut Fire Academy give regular classes on how firefighters can recognize hybrid car logos and disable their high-powered battery systems safely.

Consumers benefit from electric-gas hybrids because they save big at the gas pump.  However, in case of an accident or breakdown, motorists should allow firefighters or emergency roadside assistance crews to deal with their vehicle electrics, which can be dangerous unless you are properly trained.

Posted on Saturday, November 15th, 2008 at 2:13 pm In Road Service  

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