When Buying A Car Consider Safety Features

images-41.jpegIf you’re thinking of purchasing a new car it’s important to consider safety.  Crash test results, rollover resistance, and electronic stability control are all important considerations.

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety performs frontal and side impact crashes on cars in order to give them a safety rating.  It is important to consider these results when making a choice about a vehicle purchase.

Tall vehicles, such as pickups and SUVs are more likely to roll over because of their high center of gravity.  To find out what a car’s rollover inclination is, the NHTSA  has a five star rating.

Electronic stability control is a beneficial safety feature that is highly recommended.  This feature helps you keep control of your vehicle when you are cornering.  Skidding and sliding can be avoided with electronic stability control because brakes are applied automatically to the wheels that need it.

Motorists are more concerned than ever about protecting themselves.  They are signing up for roadside assistance programs and purchasing cars with additional safety features to stay safe on the road.

Posted on Saturday, June 14th, 2008 at 1:40 pm In Roadside Assistance Program