Snow Storm In North-East Makes Driving Dangerous

images1.jpegTired of winter weather?  It’s not over yet.  Friday, the National Weather Service of Cleveland issued a winter storm warning for almost all of Ohio, the northwest portion of Pennsylvania, and the western part of NY.  In the southwest part of Ohio there were blizzard warnings from Cincinnati to Dayton.  Warnings will be in effect until Sunday afternoon.

By middle of the day Friday, roads were slippery, which caused dozens of fender-benders and accidents.  Also, traffic was slow on the highways and cars were bumper-to-bumper on I-90.  Many people found themselves stranded on the side of the road in the snow.  The lucky people were the ones who have a road service program to reach them quickly.

However, the worst is yet to come in Ohio, where up to 21 inches of snow is predicted.  Motorists should try to stay home if possible.  However, people who have to drive are advised to carry an emergency kit in their vehicles.  This should include food, blankets, a shovel, and a cell phone.  The phone is a necessity because in these conditions it is likely that you might have to call for emergency roadside assistance.