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Make Sure You Have A Road Service Program For Your Next Family Trip

One of the most fun family activities is taking road trips.  Families can make a lot of fond memories traveling on the open road.  Americans will take more than 320 vacation trips over the spring and summer season.  However, frustration and stress can come along with a family road trip, so take note of some […]

Mature Adults Should Have A Road Service Program

Age is not the only factor that determines a person’s driving ability; however, there are physical changes that happen as a result of the aging process that affect a person’s driving skills.  There are over 19 million drivers in the country over 70 years old. This age group is the most rapidly growing part of […]

Be Protected In Your Vintage Car With Road Service

If you’re a lover of old cars you aren’t alone. Antique car shows all over the nation display vintage cars.  Crowds gather to admire these charming vehicles.  Owners who display their cars have a great deal of pride. Many people who own vintage cars have restored them piece-by-piece, literally. It’s not just that they have […]

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Motorists Run Out Of Gas And Need Road Service

Road service calls have been at an all time high because motorists are running out of gas. It seems that people have been putting off trips to the gas pump because of the increasingly high gas prices. Many people run out of gas during snowstorms because they aren’t expecting to sit idle behind an accident […]

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Winter Storm Hits Connecticut

Another winter storm hit Connecticut and the surrounding areas.  It was forecasted that around 10 inches of snow might fall by Saturday.  A winter storm warning is in effect until Saturday morning. The storm was responsible for at least 165 accidents and one death.  The state police had to respond to over 100 accidents by […]

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Poor Road Conditions Require Morists Have Road Service

Sometimes roads seem like war-zones. We encounter potholes, icy streets and ruts that can imperil motorists and vehicles. Being aware of poor road conditions can help you protect your vehicle. Besides having roadside assistance, there are a few things that you can do when driving that could save you from an accident. Keep your eyes […]

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How To Fix A Flat

Changing a tire isn’t difficult it just takes a little know-how.  You need to make sure you have all the required tools, and practice putting the spare tire on at least once.  Of course, in the best of all worlds, tires wouldn’t go flat.  However, in our world, they do, so you must be prepared. […]

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Roadside Assistance Calls Reach Their Peak In February

During this time of year drivers in the northeast think they are in the clear because winter is on its way out. However, roadside assistance reaches its peak in February, so motorists need to prepare their vehicles for ongoing winter conditions. A few maintenance tips can help you avoid being stranded in extreme weather. First […]

Make Sure Your Teenager Is Covered With Emergency Roadside Assistance

Drivers who talk on a cell phone are impaired to the same extent as an intoxicated driver with blood alcohol of .08. Unfortunately, this is one of the many distractions that teenagers face while driving. They tend to multi-task behind the wheel, which puts them at risk for accidents that could harm themselves and others. […]

How To Find A Roadside Assistance Program

The days are gone when you could do a roadside repair with chewing gum and tights.  In modern cars you need professional help for anything more than a puncture.  It’s reassuring to know that help is only a phone call away, but it can be difficult to choose a roadside assistance program.  There have been […]