Stuck In The Snow – An Auto Road Service Tribute

snow2.jpgWe received a letter for one of our customers that served as a tribute to how helpful a quality auto road service plan can be.  The woman that had our coverage had pulled over to the side of the road to complete a cell phone call on a very snowy night.  When she pulled onto the shoulder her vehicle became stuck when her tires began to sink into a rut in the snow.  It only took a couple of minutes for her to realize it was time to panic and that she needed help.  She remembered that she had a membership with and made the call.  After about 40 minutes our toast service arrived and extracted her vehicle from the snow bank that had absorbed her car.  What could have been a night long adventure and very bad experience was avoided completely. 

Since that day, she tells us she has convinced many of our friends and relatives to purchase membership in a roadside assistance program.  She has become a believer in the service and the value that roadside assistance offers.