Timely assistances for your car

As the name suggest, emergency auto assistance are those timely services that are offered at the time of any car emergency. The emergency can occur due to various mechanical failures or breakdown factors. To mention a few problems, they  include dead batteries, blown tires, over heating or it might be the car runs out of gas or water.

The emergency road services are offered 24 hours a day and seven day a week by car dealers and several insurance companies. All the more, these service providers offer the assistance programs through qualified technicians who can bring your vehicle back on road in no less time.

The main highlights of these services include vehicle towing to the nearby repair station, jump starting, lock out and lock key services and flat tire assistance. As there are many companies that offer the roadside assistance programs, there is a race to offer best packages. Thus, some of the attractive coverage includes paying off your meal bills, hotel or motel accommodation, travel assistance and medical aid. Also, these services are available for household cars, minivans, sport utility vehicles, motorcycles and boat trailers. Other major services include free emergency dispatch of gas and fuel and onsite minor repairs.