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A Rescuer for You and Your Vehicle

Purchasing a vehicle is one of the greatest investments an individual makes in his lifetime. But if your car becomes your headache and starts giving you trouble, especially when you are out with your family or running late for a business meeting then it can surely be very frustrating. The solution to such problems is […]

Car breakdown? Or flat tire? – Get the pocket-friendly road service!!

When the term ‘road service’ is heard, it automatically sheds off our tensions and makes us enjoy the journey. The service is traditionally provided by a country’s national Automobile Association, but recently it is available as a service provided by the insurance company of the vehicle. When you accidentally lock the keys of your vehicle […]

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Assurance for a tranquil journey

Roadside assistance is one of the services provided under extended car warranty or auto warranties. You may take innumerable precautionary measures to maintain your vehicle by servicing it regularly. But the fact remains that a vehicle can never be trusted. If it breaks down in the middle of the road, you are left with no […]