Roadside Assistance: Winter Weather Driving

Preparation for Wintery Driving Conditions Prevents Accidents

Winter weather accidents happen when drivers are unprepared and overconfident in their vehicle’s ability to handle icy or snowy weather. When the temperatures drop and there is precipitation in the air, roadway hazards heighten and the chances for being in an accident or ending up in a ditch do as well. There are many preventative measures a driver can take to increase their vehicle’s handle on a slick road.

The best option for steering clear of a winter traffic accident, of course, is to watch the weather and stay at home. But many commuters have no choice when work calls despite the weather conditions, so keep the following tools handy so that you can see clearly and maintain traction when the forecast is dim;

Putting a de-ice spray can in your car’s glove compartment will help tremendously when a windshield requires some chipping. It can immediately get rid of icy residue and allow drivers clear vision almost instantly when used properly. It also prevents drivers from compromising on their ability to have clear sight due to clearing a small space barely sufficient for driving and then hoping in the car because they’re running late.

Another item to place somewhere in the vehicle is a bag of salt, kitty litter, or sand. This can give your tires traction assistance if you find yourself on an extra slick spot.

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