Roadside Assistance: Preventing a Roadside Emergency Part 2

Vehicle Safety Components to Consider

A common priority for car buyers is the safety capacity of a vehicle. There are several safety features that you should insist upon when looking for a vehicle to purchase.

A common feature found in most newer vehicle models is ABS, or anti-lock breaking system. ABS has been proven to give a driver more control when there’s cause for hard breaking due to bad weather conditions or avoiding traffic accidents. ABS is a function that has been through years of developing and should be considered a standard safety feature for the new car you purchase. Research other breaking safety options like BreakAssist and Electronic Breakforce Distribution that increase breaking control.

Stability control is another safety benefit of more recently manufactured automobiles on the car lot. Stability control works across the breaking system in a car to apply pressure to particular breaks to help avoid skidding, especially with vehicles that have a higher center of gravity.

If you have to consider child passengers, it’s always a good idea to test the child seat you will be using in the vehicle before purchasing to ensure its suitability for good fit.

Check to see that there’s enough clearance for rear facing seats and that the seat bottom is deep enough and flat enough to hold bulkier seats securely.

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