Roadside Assistance: Preventing a Roadside Emergency Part 2

Vehicle Safety Components to Consider

A common priority for car buyers is the safety capacity of a vehicle. There are several safety features that you should insist upon when looking for a vehicle to purchase.

Side-impact airbags can offer protection for adult-sized riders in the front seats of a vehicle and in some models can be requested for the back passenger doors as well. They are not recommended for locations where children of a certain size will be riding. If an automobile is equipped with side-impact airbags, the driver or passenger can be protected in the case of a side collision.

Side-curtain airbags are another safety component you may feel is absolutely necessary for your new vehicle. Side-curtain means the car is equipped with airbags along the side intended to protect a passenger’s head and prevent ejection incase of a rollover.

Inquire about the variety of airbags offered in the car you’re looking for. Airbags can make all the difference incase of an accident.

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