Spare Tires Are Becoming A Thing Of The Past

Open the trunk of a new car and you may find something very familiar is missing. In many newer models a spare tire has been eliminated. In some cases it may be an option, in other cases you can’t even add one as there’s no place for it.


Why would they eliminate the spare tire in a new vehicle? One reason, dropping the new vehicle’s overall weight to achieve better fuel efficiency and better gas mileage. Also, newer tires are in many cases, designed to drive 30-40 miles even after they go flat. You can also purchase a tire inflator kit if it doesn’t already come with the vehicle that should get you rolling, at least until you get to a service facility.


More importantly, especially when the car you’re driving doesn’t have a spare, you need to have a reliable roadside assistance program that can be there at a moment’s notice if you need help with the tire repair or to have the vehicle towed if necessary. Make sure to purchase roadside assistance for your vehicle to protect yourself from any type of emergency roadside needs such as towing, vehicle extraction from snow or mud, fuel delivery, lost key lockout service, etc.