Insurance Company Roadside Assistance Can Be Costly

It can literally happen to anybody….

You are driving along and your vehicle has a breakdown. It could be a flat tire, you could have run out of gas, or maybe just got locked out of the vehicle.

You then call your insurance company as they provide roadside assistance with your insurance policy.

What they don’t tell you is that when you make this call in some cases accounts as a claim against your insurance policy. This gets quite costly as many insurance companies increase your annual rates due to policy usage. They don’t explain to you that a simple roadside assistance call is considered policy usage as part of your insurance agreement.

In fact, if you have too many claims, even as simple roadside assistance claims, you can be considered a high risk and your policy can be terminated completely. Unfortunately there is no way to appeal a decision like this so as a consumer, you are stuck.

It is always best to have a standalone roadside assistance program to protect you and the circumstances. There are many roadside assistance providers in the industry but one of the most reasonably priced and reliable is provided by Auto Advantage Inc. To get full details on this program or sign up simply visit