Prepare Yourself For Spring With Car Maintenance And Roadside Assistance

Spring is finally here, which means it is time to get your car ready for this season. Road trips are a popular spring activity, but prepping your family for a trip with the proper gear like snacks, lawn chairs, and coolers is not the only important thing. You also need to prep your car for the trip and the spring season with some maintenance. Here are some helpful tips to ready your car for spring and that upcoming road trip:

1. Sign up with a roadside assistance program. Roadside assistance will help get you back on the road if your car breaks down and leaves you stranded on the side of the road somewhere. This 24/7 service is very useful to have in the event that you need help while out on the road.

2. Check your car’s battery. Corrosion can build up quite a bit on your battery terminals in the winter, so it is important to check them and clean them up before making any trips this spring.

3. Check your car’s tires. It is important to make sure that your treads are in good shape and that your tires are not completely bald. If you have bad tires and run into a heavy rainstorm during the spring season, you may be in for a dangerous ride. Also, be sure to check the tire pressure because proper tire pressure can make for a smoother ride and even increase the car’s fuel efficiency.

4. Replace your car’s windshield wipers. Replacing your car’s windshield wipers each spring is important because spring is the rainiest season.

5. Check your brakes. Be sure that your breaks are in good shape so that you can make a quick and proper stop at any time. Along with checking your breaks, makes sure that your break fluids are clean and are filled to the proper levels.

6. Check your car’s headlights. Make sure your headlights are not burned out. Also make sure that your other lights such as brake lights, blinkers, and back-up lights are all in proper working order. Do a walk around of your car and make sure none of the lights are out.

7. Replace your air filter. This is a helpful maintenance activity to perform because it can keep your car running silently and running efficiently.

8. Flush your radiator. Radiator coolant will not last forever, and if it becomes dirty, the radiator will start to accumulate corrosion and will eventually break down. The radiator should be flushed at least once a year.

If you perform all of the proper maintenance, your car will be sure to run smoothly this spring season. A smooth running car will help keep your car on the road when cruising down the highway on the road trip of your dreams, as well as help you avoid calling for roadside assistance due to a vehicle breakdown.

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