Poor Road Conditions Make It Essential For Motorists To Have Roadside Assistance

When out driving, motorists encounter a many poor road conditions. They encounter potholes, ruts, and icy roads, which are all very dangerous. It is important to be alert to poor road conditions when driving, in order for motorists to protect themselves. Here are some helpful tips to help you avoid getting into an accident:

1. Look out for potholes. If you see a pothole, slow down and keep both hands firmly on the wheel. If you hit a pothole hard enough, it will throw your car out of alignment. Also, it is common for steel-belted tires to take on a great deal of damage when hitting potholes and this can cause a driver to lose control of their car.

2. Ruts do not generally do an overwhelming amount of damage to cars. However, they can cause a driver to lose control of their car. If a driver loses control, there is a greater chance of crashing into something, which can cause a great deal of damage to the car as well as the driver.

3. One of the most dangerous road conditions that a driver can come across is an icy road. There are many accidents that occur as a result of cars slipping on icy roads. If the roads are icy, it is best to avoid driving altogether. However, if it is necessary to drive, make sure to drive very slowly and to leave a great deal of space between your car and the car in front of you.

Motorists are not always able to predict poor road conditions, which makes it vital to drive defensively. Also, be sure that you sign up with a roadside assistance program that can come and help you in the event of an emergency.

Posted on Sunday, January 5th, 2014 at 11:49 am In Roadside Assistance Program  

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