Roadside Assistance Benefits Commuters

Many commuters experience a vehicle breakdown at some point in their lives. These breakdowns can occur at any time and they leave commuters stuck on the side of the road. Roadside assistance can alleviate stress for commuters in the event that their vehicle breaks down.

A vehicle breakdown causes fear for motorists because they are vulnerable to the dangers of the road. A recent survey showed that out of drivers who have experienced a vehicle breakdown in the past two years, 15% had their kids with them, 5% had an elderly person with them, and 20% felt like they were in a situation where they should not leave their vehicle. In addition, 30% of female drivers felt very stressed about how to handle the situation.

Also, the survey showed that there were 5 situations in which people usually experienced a vehicle breakdown. First, people experienced issues with their car on their way to work. Second, people experienced a vehicle breakdown while out shopping. Third, people’s vehicles broke down at home in their driveways before ever getting the chance to leave. Fourth, people had their vehicles break down leaving them stranded at work. And fifth, people experienced a vehicle breakdown while on their way to visit family and friends.

A roadside assistance program helps motorists feel peace of mind when experiencing a vehicle breakdown. They feel reassured knowing that reliable, professional help is only a phone call away and that they will be back on the road in no time.

Posted on Saturday, July 27th, 2013 at 10:00 am In Roadside Assistance Program  

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