Keep Elderly Drivers Safe And Comfortable With Roadside Assistance And A Couple Of Useful Tips

Are there features that can help elderly drivers stay safe and comfortable on the road? The more comfortable an elderly driver is, the better they will drive. Safe driving helps avoid accidents and calls to roadside assistance. The American Automobile Association recommends the following tips to help elderly drivers:

  1. It is helpful to have a steering wheel that telescopes and tilts. This will leave the driver about 10 inches from the airbag and will also help relieve neck pain and shoulder pain.
  2. In addition, mirrors that allow for wide visibility are helpful. This will help elderly drivers compensate for a smaller range of motion.
  3. Heated seats with lumbar support are also helpful to relieve pain caused by an achy back.
  4. Six-way adjustable seats will help drivers who are too short to see over the steering wheel, and will also allow for an easier exit out of and entrance into the vehicle.
  5. A vehicle that has adjustable foot pedals is also useful for smaller elderly drivers. This is because it will help them to reach the pedals as well as stay a safe distance from the airbag.
  6. Lastly, four-door vehicles are better than two-door vehicles for elderly drivers because they are usually lighter which makes it easier to open and close them.

Buying the right car for an elderly driver is very important in order to keep them comfortable and safe. The more comfortable an elderly driver is while driving, the more safely they will drive. This will help prevent accidents as well as calls to a roadside assistance program.

Posted on Thursday, March 21st, 2013 at 3:36 pm In Roadside Assistance Program  

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