Maintaining Tire Pressure Can Help Save You A Call To Your Roadside Assistance Program

Flat TireMaintaining a correct tire pressure is important for the safety of your car, especially when cold weather can cause a decrease in tire pressure.

Approximately 650 people are killed and 32,000 people are injured due to car crashes related to tire issues. However, a recent survey revealed that 84 percent of motorists do not check their tire pressure.

Tires that are not properly maintained can be dangerous and leave you stuck on the side of the road. Although you can always make a call for emergency auto assistance, there are some safety tips that all drivers should keep in mind to avoid having to make this call:

Be certain that you do not overload your tires because this can cause overheating to occur. The result of this could be a car accident or a blowout. Read your owner’s manual to figure out the correct loading instructions.

Tires that are under inflated can also be a problem. This naturally occurs and cold weather accelerates the process. Cold temperatures can cause tires to lose up to two pounds of air in just one month. Under inflated tires are resistant to rolling and it can feel like you are driving with the parking brake on.

Lastly, do not over inflate your tires because it can cause the tread to wear in the center.

Checking and maintaining your tire pressure regularly can help you avoid many problems with your car. However, you never know when you might get a flat tire, so make sure you are signed up with a roadside assistance program that can come and assist you.