Avoiding Road Rage Can Save You A Call To A Roadside Assistance Program

Road RageAt one time or another, we have all encountered a driver who loses their temper and directs their road rage at you. As a result, you also become enraged. Road rage is widespread occurrence across the nation. There are times when road rage results in accidents that require a call to your roadside assistance program.

People who live in major cities on the west or east coast tend to elicit the most road rage. Drivers in the Midwest or Northwest regions have a tendency to be more relaxed and laid back so they usually do not experience as much road rage. According to a nationwide study that was conducted, the city that has the most aggressive driving is Miami, for the second year in a row. The next worse was New York, followed by Boston, Los Angeles, and Washington. These cities have the most traffic and as a result they have the most aggressive driving.

Data also reveals that it is not just an increase in the amount of drivers that is responsible for road rage, but also that it is an increase in the age of drivers. The senior population is the fastest growing demographic in the nation and therefore seniors need to have the capability to adjust to crowded roadways and aggressive drivers.

There are many things that drivers can do in order to avoid road rage. First off, people should not offend other drivers on the road. This includes actions such as, cutting people off, making gestures, and tailgating. Also, drivers who are at risk to be enraged should take a moment to adjust their attitudes and put themselves in the shoes of the other drivers.

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