Don’t Purchase A Used Car Without An Inspection

Car InspectionIt is important to not purchase a used vehicle without having it inspected by your mechanic first. You can never be sure of the true state of a used car without having a professional inspection done.

A dealership will not say no to you getting a private inspection done as long as you leave them a photo I.D. If the dealership tells you that the car was already inspected, be assertive and tell them that you want the car to be inspected by a shop that you select.

The technician will place the car onto a lift in order to inspect the car’s undercarriage. The cost of a meticulous inspection will be approximately $100, but ask how much it will cost in advance. Also, ask for a written report that will state the details of the condition that the car is in. This may come in handy when attempting to negotiate with the seller of the car.

If you do not know of any good and reliable repair shops, you should ask someone that you trust to refer you somewhere. Also, you could ask for a good mechanic at a local auto-parts store. Do not just pick a random mechanic from the phone book. Pick a mechanic that you is familiar to you.

Purchasing is a good way to help you save money. However, you should be certain that you are getting a good deal. Some extra time and money used to get an inspection from a mechanic can help save you from car problems and the need to call for road service in the future.

Posted on Monday, October 17th, 2011 at 6:25 pm In Road Service