What Should You Keep In Your Car’s Emergency Kit?

Roadside Emergency KitIn the event that you find yourself stuck on the side of the road in a desolate area, it is extremely important to have an emergency auto kit on hand. If there is no gas stations, shops, or life around it will be difficult to get yourself help. If your cell phone service or OnStar fails you, one of these kits will become vital. What you keep inside your kit will vary due to what climate you are dealing with when stuck. Emergency auto kits can be bought in stores or you can you’re your own. Here are the basics that should be included in an emergency auto kit:

– Water
– Foods such as energy bars, granola bars, dried fruit, or nuts
– Blankets and/or warm packs to keep you warm
– A first aid kit
– Tire changing tools (cars are usually come equipped with these supplies and can be found in your trunk)
– Flashlight and batteries for light
– Road flares or hazard triangles to be used as warning signals
– Necessary car fluids such as oil, antifreeze, water, power steering fluid, and brake fluid (it is smart to bring funnels and rags to help with fluid changes)
– Jumper cables that are 8 to 12 feet long if you need to jump start your car
– A compact multi-purpose tool that provides the basic tools that can help you in an emergency
– Ice scraper
– Paper and pen
– Extra fuses
– Duct tape
– Gloves

Also, it is smart to be signed up with a good roadside assistance program that you can contact in the event of a roadside emergency.

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