Don’t Buy A Car That Has Water Damage

images-27.jpgThere is nothing worse that purchasing a car and finding out that it has an ocean of problems, literally.

Why?  The number of cars on the market in the last five years that have been damaged by flooding, hurricanes or rains has doubled.  Certain states have actually reported an increase of six times more than the number recorded five years ago.

A lot of times, vehicles with this problem are moved from regions that experience a lot of flooding to less suspicious areas.  These cars will find themselves back on the pre-owned market, disguised and rebuilt to look clean.

It can be hard to realize if a flood has damaged a car, yet if a car has been underwater it will rot inside and out.  Also, water damage can threaten the mechanical systems and ruin electronics in a vehicle, without even leaving a sign on the outside of the vehicle.

Since sales of used cars are expected to reach 45 million this year, consumers need to be on high alert for any signs of flood damage.  Also, purchase an auto warranty to protect yourself in case you have unforeseen repair costs.  In addition, you should always have a good road service program.

Posted on Friday, November 26th, 2010 at 6:04 pm In Road Service  

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