Which SUV Is Right For You?

images-45.jpgSUVs are available in a wide array of prices and sizes.  They are more versatile than any other vehicle.  They have varying cargo carrying options, carry up to eight people, and allow drivers to be higher than cars.  In addition, they can tackle off-road terrain.  There are car based and truck based SUVs.  Which is the best for you?

Gaining popularity are car-based SUVs.  These vehicles are on car like unibody platforms.  In addition, they use a suspension that is completely independent, and have all-wheel drive.  They usually perform better in fuel-efficiency, handling and ride comfort than truck based SUVs.  Also, in CR testing they generally rate higher overall.  They can be driven off-road in mild situations.

Truck-based SUVs are built on a body on frame platform.  They allow for a larger towing capacity than car-based SUVs.  Also, the ones that have four-wheel drive can tackle off-road terrain that is serious.  The handling on these vehicles, however, can be more cumbersome.  Also, their ride can be a little jolting.

SUVs are a great option if you are looking for cargo space versatility, a large passenger capacity, and off road options.  Do your homework on such things as an auto warranty, maintenance costs, roadside assistance and fuel-efficiency before deciding on an SUV.  Also, have in mind what your needs will be before showing up at the dealership.

Posted on Monday, August 2nd, 2010 at 6:59 am In Roadside Assistance Program