Maintenance Tips That Will Keep You From Getting Stranded

images-5.jpgSimple car maintenance will keep you from becoming stranded on the road. Not only is it easy to do, it will keep you from having to call your road service program.

First, to help your vehicle look like new, give it a wash and wax in order to remove the grime and winter salt.  This will help protect your finish in the summer heat.

Next, consult your owner’s manual to flush and refill your radiator.  You should check the condition, level, and concentration of the coolant on a regular basis.

Get an oil change.  Skipping oil changes can greatly reduce the life of your vehicle.  Also, change the oil filter when you get your oil changed.  Other filters also need replacing occasionally, such as air, fuel, and PCV.

Finally, check your tires.  Let them cool down, and check your air pressure.  Also, be aware that cupping, uneven wear, vibrations, and pulling to one side may indicate a problem with either your tires or your suspension system.

These simple tips will have your car driving safely and keep you from calling for emergency roadside assistance.