What You Can Do To Keep Children Safe In The Car

images-91.jpgWhat is important about age 13 that makes it OK for children to finally ride in the front seat of the car?  Are they finally big enough to withstand the impact of an airbag?  Are they at the age where they can behave in the front seat?

A big part of the problem is behavior.  When kids mess with the radio, and play around, they usually aren’t in a proper position when an airbag deploys.  In injuries and deaths, the proximity to the airbag in the front is a huge issue; in addition, proper positioning in the seat is a factor.  By 13, kids are more able to sit still and behave.

Around ages 11 and 12, children are also bigger physically.  This is an issue because it is hard for children to have their backs against the seatback if their feet don’t touch the floor.  This means that they scrunch down putting them in a bad position for airbag deployment.

Kids under 13 need to ride in the back seat for their safety.  It isn’t worth it to put your child in the front and have them injured by an airbag.  Parents are concerned with many things such as new car warranties, auto loans, maintenance, and roadside assistance, but most important is the safety of their children.

Posted on Tuesday, June 29th, 2010 at 4:23 pm In Roadside Assistance Program