Important Steps To Reduce Drunken Driving Fatalities

images-12.jpgTwo laws that have been in place since 1988 in all 50 states are receiving new acclaim for lessening fatalities due to drunken-driving.

A recent study in Accident Analysis and Prevention in July has recognized that the drinking age increase to age 21 has reduced the ratio of deaths due to drunken-driving by at least 11%.  Also, making fake ID possession illegal and suspending the person’s driver’s license has lessened fatalities by an additional 7%.

While in all 50 states it’s illegal for people to use a fake ID to buy alcohol, a driver’s-license sanction isn’t always the punishment.  This study suggests that if a law such as this were to be national and linked to highway funds, which are done with the designated drinking age being 21, deaths would decline even more.

Occasionally, there has been talk of making the legal drinking age 18, because soldiers have fought in the Iraq war, but can’t drink a beer.  However, according to the AAP study, making the drinking age 21 has reduced drunken driving deaths drastically.

According to the AAP study, making the drinking age 21 has been a crucial step in reducing accidents and emergency roadside assistance calls due to drunk drivers.  Also apparent is that national driver’s license sanctions would lower deaths even more.

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