Information That Every Used Car Shopper Should Know

images-75.jpgMany drivers are leery about buying a used car because they are afraid of inheriting old problems that a vehicle may have.  Unfortunately, this instinct is sometimes correct.  If you were considering buying a used car, it would be worth your while to place a call to the Better Business Bureau.

The Better Business Bureau claims they get tons of complaints from drivers who have purchased used cars, just to discover that their car breaks down three weeks later.  Placing this call can keep you from having to call for emergency roadside assistance.

The large amount of consumer complaints has led the Better Business Bureau to make a buyer beware packet and a presentation that will explain things you should know before you buy a car.  Things on the list include buyers’ rights, things you should check out, and things to ask for in writing.  Also, fuel-efficiency should be a consideration when purchasing a pre-owned car because of high fuel prices.

It’s unfortunate that some people experience breakdowns not long after buying a used car.  In order to protect yourself, it is essential that you have a road service program in case of breakdowns.