Cars That Have A Cult Following

images-115.jpgThere are several small cars over the years that have had a cult status, such as the Volkswagen Beetle, the French Deux Chevaux and the original Mini.

Each one of these vehicles was popular in their time.  However, they also possessed something extra; a quality that is indefinable, but gave them a cult following.

Today, there are some new cars in the American market that possess a retro style.  For example, the Chrysler PT Cruiser in 2000, the Volkswagen New Beetle in 1998, and the Mini are all in this group.

These vehicles all contain similar qualities.  First of all, they have great style and perform well.  But in addition, they contain a classlessness that lets drivers make a statement without letting people know that they have tons of money.  Drivers like them for two reasons; they are a lot of fun to drive and they have tons of personality.

Small cars are making a big comeback in the United States, and just a few of these possess a cult status.  Motorists enjoy driving a “cool” vehicle that has personality, and they will maintain it until it dies.  People often purchase an extended auto warranty so that they can enjoy their cars without the headache of unnecessary repair expenses.  In addition, a road service program is a good way to protect yourself.

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