Sleepy Drivers Are Hazardous

images-30.jpgMany drivers have experienced feeling drowsy behind the wheel.  Either you have been with someone else feeling sleepy, or you’ve been the one trying to stay awake.  Many car accidents and calls for road service are easily avoided by avoiding getting behind the wheel when you’re drowsy.  Here are some warning signs that a driver is too drowsy to be on the road.

First, weaving is a good indication of drowsiness.  Many times sleepy drivers don’t make as many steering corrections, which means the ones that are made are jerky and often severe.

A lot of times drowsy drivers rely on conversation to keep from falling asleep.  If you notice that conversation isn’t making much sense, it is time to get off of the road.

If a motorist drives over rumble strips they need to pull over and rest.  This often means that the driver actually fell asleep briefly, or that they can’t stay on the road because of fatigue.

The neck jerk is a tell tale sign of drowsiness.  This is when the motorist falls asleep and their neck jerk causes them to wake up.

As a rule, don’t get in the car with a sleepy driver, or behind the wheel.  Many emergency roadside assistance calls have been made due to sleepy drivers.

Posted on Wednesday, April 21st, 2010 at 3:55 pm In Road Service  

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