People Are Seeking Older, Fuel-Efficient Vehicles

images.jpgHigh new car prices and never ending waiting lists for small fuel-efficient cars like the Toyota Prius have many motorists seeking other alternatives that will allow for a significant savings at the gas pump.

Economic vehicles from the ‘90s have had a big increase in the amount of searches on websites such as  Vehicles like the Geo Prizm and Geo Metro have seen searches by consumers rise by over 200% in the last year.  The spiked interest in these fuel-efficient cars that are cheap has also caused their prices to go up.  For example, Geo Metros that are from the 90’s, which are valued at approximately $1,300, are being listed for over $4,000.

Despite the popularity of these older vehicles, consumers should take precautions before purchasing them.  Although people will save money on fuel, these cars will often bear more costs when it comes to reliability and safety, and have you calling for roadside assistance.  This is part of the reason that these vehicles weren’t that popular when they were introduced originally.  Automakers have made great improvements in safety features and construction that weren’t found in older vehicle models.

Older, fuel-efficient cars can be a great way to save money at the gas pump, but make sure you do your homework before purchasing them.  Also, you should protect yourself in case of breakdowns by having a road service program.

Posted on Thursday, April 8th, 2010 at 3:05 pm In Roadside Assistance Program  

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