Getting The Right Child Safety Seat

images-58.jpgModern cars provide safety for adults, but it is up to parents to provide the special protection needed for children.  However, there are many different types of Child seats out there today, which can make it confusing for adults to know what to choose for their child.  There are three different types of seats.

Infant car seats are designed to be rear facing.  These seats are for infants that weigh less than 20 pounds and are less than one year old.  One advantage to this seat is that you can unclip it from its base and carry your baby in it.

Convertible seats offer versatility.  These seats can be used with infants that are rear facing, or children less than 40 pounds that are forward facing.  You can purchase these seats in various configurations; so make sure you do your homework to secure your child correctly.  These seats are cost effective because with this type of seat you don’t ever have to purchase an infant seat.

Booster seats are intermediate seats between the infant or convertible seat and a seat belt.  These seats are designed for kids between 40-65 pounds and face forward.  These seats come in low-back and high-back models.  You don’t want to buy a low-back type if you have a child whose head is above the top of the back.

Don’t get overwhelmed with the child safety seat options.  Do your homework so you know what to look at when you go to the store.  It is important for you to be responsible for your child’s safety.  This includes purchasing an appropriate car seat and having a road service program so that you don’t find yourself stranded on the side of the road with your child.

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