Take Immediate Action If Your “Check Engine” Light Comes On

images-15.jpgWe’ve all been there.  You’re driving your vehicle when suddenly your check engine light comes on.  If you’re like the majority of motorists, you aren’t really sure what the light is telling you.  This could be the most misunderstood light on your dashboard because it can mean many different things.  If your check engine light comes on you don’t have to immediately pull over and call for road service, but there are several tips that you should follow.

First, you should check for serious problems that would require immediate attention.  Look at your gauges to see if there is overheating or low oil pressure.  If they are apparent you should pull over and shut off your engine.

Next, tighten your gas cap.  Many times this will solve your problem.  Know that it might take a few trips before your check engine light resets.

It might help to reduce your speed.  If your light is blinking or your car is performing poorly reducing your speed will help.  Have your car checked as soon as possible.

If your check engine light comes on, remember not to panic.  Just follow these simple tips to deal with the problem.  Make sure that you have an emergency roadside assistance program for situations such as this.  You don’t want to end up stranded on the side of the road.