Carpool To Save Money

images-15.jpgWith the poor economy and trend for green living, people are looking to carpooling as an option.  This way of commuting is good for the pocketbook, the environment, and perhaps even people’s social lives.

People who ride in carpools find each other through websites, word of mouth, employers, and the state Executive Office of Transportation.  Some people use their own cars, while others form a vanpool.  This is when a group of people decides to lease a van together with the intention of using it for commuting.  Members then share the costs, such as maintenance, gas, insurance, and a road service program.

At this particular time in history, carpooling makes sense.  According to traffic planners and environmentalists, this is one of the cheapest and easiest ways that cities can decrease congestion and pollution.  In addition, carpooling allows people to reduce their transportation costs, which according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics consumed around 15% of the American budget in 2006.  And not like public transit, being in a carpool doesn’t require much money in the way of maintenance or infrastructure that is taxpayer-funded.

Although Americans crave their independence and freedom, they are realizing it is beneficial to join a carpooling group.  And in the end, commuting with a group of people is safer anyway.  After all, who wants to experience a breakdown alone calling for roadside assistance?

Posted on Wednesday, February 10th, 2010 at 7:42 pm In Road Service  

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