Use Your Phone To Open Your Car Doors

images-5.jpgCell phones are capable of doing just about anything these days, so they might as well be used to unlock your car doors and start your engine.

That was Sharp’s logic when it teamed up with Japanese mobile company NTT DOCOMO and Nissan to manufacture a cell phone that you can program to electronically control engines and door locks.  Essentially, Sharp installed an existing piece of technology, or Nissan’s Intelligent Key, into a phone.

These technologies seem so well suited that it’s surprising that the latest iPhone didn’t include a feature such as this.  Gizmodo claims that this integration was a long time coming.  Apparently, the filthy rich, hackers, and the Chinese have pretty much all had this idea.  U.S. drivers are enjoying this technology.  However, I wouldn’t cancel your roadside assistance program.  You never know if this high-tech technology may leave you unable to get your car doors open.

Posted on Thursday, December 31st, 2009 at 10:36 am In Roadside Assistance Program